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Derek is a electronic musician, percussionist, and digital artist who makes things with Pure Data, SuperCollider, Processing, HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP, Ruby, C, Clojure(script), and other lisps. Derek interests include open-source approaches to technology and education, improvisation, and musical and cross-disciplinary collaboration.


Hailing from Fresno, California, Derek Kwan is a electronic musician, percussionist, and digital artist exploring the expressive capabilities of computer technology through interactive media. As a composer and performer, his body of work includes improvisatory electronically-processed musical environments and immersive dynamic soundscapes where sounds are triggered on audience members' mobile devices. As a collaborator with visual artists and dancers, he has designed interactive media installations that visualize the average body positions of dance routines and provide custom reactions based on facial features. Kwan has appeared in such festivals as the Bang on a Can Marathon, Bang on a Can Summer Music Institute, the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, and soundSCAPE and has performed with Raphael Mostel's Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble, Antonio de Vivo's Winds of Woods, and Elevator Rose. He has also presented at the Fifth International Pure Data Convention (PdCon16) at New York University in 2016. Kwan is active as a developer within the Pure Data community and maintains his own external library pdkm as well as contributes to other external library projects such as Cyclone. Derek Kwan holds BS and BA degrees in mathematics and music performance from the University of California, Davis; an MA in percussion from CUNY Queens College; and a DMA in percussion from Stony Brook University. He has served as a temporary lecturer in electronic music at UC Davis..


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