pure data
I have a member page on the main Pure Data website.
I maintain a personal, general-use external library called pdkm.
I also have a bunch of Pure Data vanilla abstractions I maintain as pdkvabs. A more didactic-oriented stompboxy-GUI abstraction library is pdkez.
Here is my ongoing series of Pure Data tutorials.
I've been one of the main contributors to the v3 update of Pd's popular Max/MSP compatibility library, Cyclone.
I also have libraries for synths (pdksynth), fft (pdkfft), and lists (vanilla-compat abstractions!, pdklist). I've also been compiling the functionality of list abstractions as one list-munging external pdklex.
I'm also starting to learn about ambisonics and coding as I'm going along, so here are some first-order ambisonic abstractions as pdkvfoa.
As part of my obsession with everything Lisp, I've started to give a go at adapting libpd for Common Lisp use with CL's cffi library as cl-libpd (note: very unfinished)
Here's a little utility to mark down sample locations within a given audio file. I call it pd-pitchlocator-3000.
Solo Nr. 19 - My Pure Data performance software for Stockhausen's Solo Nr. 19 for melodic instrument and feedback.
mikrophonie1 - My Pure Data performance software for Stockhausen's Mikrophonie I.
until it blazes - Pd performance patch for Eve Beglarian's Until it Blazes.
pd-morse - a morse code transcriber written in pure data.
dxkSup - a start of a SuperCollider class library
dxkSynthDefs - assorted SuperCollider SynthDefs
sc-miscellany - various handy SuperCollider odds-n-ends
dxk-sc140 - various SuperCollider tweets of mine (bits of SC code at max 140 characters)
web development
3d-tree-gen-js - a port of 3d-tree-generator from Processing to three.js. (src)
Eighteen - a John Cage number piece generator. (src)
fishAnimate - an interactive visualization of chicken hierarchies using SVGs and Angular.js. (src)
gravitysAngular - visualization of text from Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow using Angular.js and Web Audio API. (src)
music projects
Here's a writeup on the code for my socketMusic project.
3d-tree-generator - Processing code to visualize randomly generated three-dimensional trees.
sumTracker3d - Processing code interfacing with the Kinect via OSCeleton to average a dancer's joint positions throughout a routine.
spiral1 - a little Processing experiment.
pviz-noise-gen - processing visual noise generator
pyf0map - Python script utilizing the PYAAPT library to detect the f0 contours of input speech and map them to a target sound such as an instrument. (example output)
pythonLetterCounter - Python script I made to count and print the number of letters in each word of input text (not including punctuation).
sicp-work - Some of the exercises written in Guile Scheme as I've been making my way through the famed "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
lua-modules - Modules I've started making in/for Lua. Currently has an implementation for a min/max heap with search element abilities and support for numbers and tables.
c-data-structs - some implementations of data structures in C including singly- and doubly-linked lists and heaps.
stereoScreenCaptureMax - Software I created in Max/MSP/Jitter to capture halves of a screen containing stereoscopic images for use with Blender. These captured images can be projected with separate projectors and keystoned to form a cohesive 3D image with 3D glasses.
brite - a bash script to change the brightness of the display in Linux on a 2010 MacBook Pro.
cs156: learning from data hw - work produced in my self-study of caltech's cs156 machine learning course

github repositories