frames of reference

"frames of reference" is a collection of tidalcycles tunes completed between july and the beginning of december 2020 with each tune originating from preparation for or performance of a live set with my live coding duo caider. each tune (like pretty much all other tunes out there) offers a different frame of reference for the listener to not only the world of sounds but also to the world they inhabit when listening to these sounds and the lives they live in this world.

frames of reference

this tune was the first tune of my set with caider at the 2020 network music festival and i first performed an early version of this in the desert. it's about different frames of reference: a town at different times in your life, a setting in different seasons, different shoes to walk in, coming back to a familiar place after a long walk, or what have you.

desert dusk

Recorded back at the end of July 2020, one of the tunes I completed for a Caider set at the Network Music Festival. This tune is about transitions and the magical things that can happen in those in-between, gray areas.

snowblue passage

adapted from a glockenspiel duet i never finished and used as the closing song for the caider set at node20

silver river

tune used as the intro for my tidalcycles new moon set with caider. since i've been thinking of the orihime and hikoboshi tale ever since finishing steins;gate 0 (thx anime!), this tune is named after the milky way and is about instances of hazy fluidity and how we can feel stuck in them or trapped by them at times.


been sitting on a few recorded tidalcycles tunes and in the middle of recording a new one and this one is the first of them. i was building up for my 2020 network music festival set with caider but cut it because I was running out of room. cover art is a street cat i met in davis, ca and the stars are from the desert.

ember continuance

first song from my live set with cai visuals as part of caider for emergent behavior. the title is inspired by the "burnt field" arc of the "march comes in like a lion" anime and is about things that despite changing circumstances, continue to burn however dimly and will hopefully one day burn brightly.