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solo w/ electronics |

peter ablinger - kleine trommel und ukw-rauschen for snare drum and fm-receiver
javier alvarez - temazcal for maracas and electronic sound
eve beglarian - until it blazes for glockenspiel and multitap delays
earle brown - december 1952 for found metal objects and radio broadcasts from december 1952
matthew burtner - broken drum for brake drum and computer
john cage - two realizations of fontana mix for found objects and max/msp
john cage - a realization patchwork of variations ii for percussion and electronics
nat grant - with the inside where the outside should be for vibraphone and fixed media
ethan frederick greene - lissajous for vibraphone and max/msp
derek kwan - magic smoke* for laptop, smartphone, inductive telephone pickup, and supercollider
branic howard - untitled blowing piece#* for blown-upon cymbals, found object transducers and max/msp
derek kwan - love letter/f*ckbird after a postcard piece by liza lim and text by james joyce for solo hand drum and electronics
derek kwan - socketMusic* for percussion and mobile devices
derek kwan - shoebox memories for kalimba and supercollider
derek kwan - shimmer go slowly* for glockenspiel and max/msp
mei-fang lin - flux for marimba and electronic sound
eric lyon - twinkletoes for snare drum and electronics
alvin lucier - silver streetcar for the orchestra for amplified triangle
anthony pateras - hypnagogics for crotales, small percussion, and electronic sound
karlheinz stockhausen - solo nr. 19 for melody instrument (vibraphone) and feedback

solo w/o electronics |

georges aperghis - graffitis for speaking percussionist
mark applebaum - entre funérailles ii for vibraphone
yu-hui chang - binge delirium for multi-percussion setup
franco donatoni - mari i and ii for marimba
franco donatoni - omar i and ii for vibraphone
jason eckardt - sweet creature for frame drum
jason eckardt - transience for marimba
vinko globokar - corporel? for solo percussionist
toshio hosokawa - reminiscence for marimba
philippe hurel - loops ii for vibraphone
richard d. james (aphex twin, arr. derek kwan) - prep gwarlek 3b for percussion setup
derek kwan - streetlight puddle light* for glockenspiel
david lang - string of pearls for marimba
martin matalon - short stories for vibraphone
david schober - taepoong for marimba
iannis xenakis - psappha for multi-percussion setup

chamber music |

john luther adams - red arc/blue veil for piano, percussion, and electronics
georges aperghis - quatre pieces febriles for marimba and piano
jesse allison - divergence for marimba and five mobile devices
louis andriessen - worker's union
nik bärtsch arr. evan ziporyn - modul 35, modul 32, modul 33
courtney brown - losing love in magnetic time for vibraphone, marimba, and electronics
john cage - fourteen
john cage - third construction for percussion quartet
chou - wen-chung - echoes from the gorge for percussion quartet
henry cowell - ostinato pianissimo
henry cowell - pulse
mario davidovsky - synchronisms no. 5 for percussion quintet and electronic sound
tan dun - water music for percussion quartet, elegy: snow in june for cello and percussion quartet
stacy garrop - the book of american poetry, vol. iii and iv*
annie gosfield - flying sparks and heavy machinery for string quartet and percussion quartet
gerard grisey - stele for two bass drums
aaron jay kernis - nocturne
ulrich kreppein - konstruktionen der dämmerung for percussion quartet
derek kwan - silky anteaters*
derek kwan - violetblue clouds forever* for flute, vibraphone, and glockenspiel
david lang - cheating, lying stealing
philippe manoury - mvts. 3 and 6 from le livre des claviers
vasudevan panicker - i heart pulse v2.0*
steve reich - double sextet
steve reich - drumming
steve reich - music for 18 musicians
frederic rzewski - les moutons de panurge
aaron siegel - science is only a sometimes friend for eight glockenspiels and organ
ralph shapey - movement of varied moments for two for flute and vibraphone
amir shpilman - as if these clouds* for percussion sextet
edward smaldone - three episodes for percussion quartet
igor stravinsky - l'histoire du soldat
toru takemitsu - seasons for percussion quartet
james tenney - crystal canon for edgard varese, hocket for henry cowell, wake for charles ives
edgard varese - ionisation
iannis xenakis - dmaathen for oboe and percussion, metaux from pleiades for percussion sextet
du yun - keep something broken*

electronic repertoire |

karlheinz stockhausen - mikrophonie i
karlheinz stockhausen - musik im bauch

large ensemble |

cornelius cardew - the great learning **

*world premiere
** ny premiere